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FiveNines - Server Monitoring

FiveNines - Server Monitoring

Developer Tool


FiveNines is a SaaS project that enables indie developers and companies to monitor their servers in one centralized location. The platform's objective is to assist companies and indie developers in achieving a high level of availability through effective monitoring tools. The platform offers the following features:

  • High-precision resource tracking

  • Monitoring of 20+ servers simultaneously

  • Advanced alert system

  • Real-time hardware monitoring

  • Event history tracking

  • Integration with various platforms such as Slack, Discord, Teams, Email, etc.

My role: Product and Brand Designer
Platform: Responsive Web
Year: 2024


There is many competitors on this vertical. However, I collected as many large and accurate examples as possible and analyzed their brand visibility and products.

Brand Design

FiveNines is a reference to the 99.999% of service availability we often refer for an infrastructure, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_availability, basically it means that the service is extremely available.

Here is some variation on the logo ↓

Landing Page

We wanted the landing page to be in a modern and dark design language. However, we didn't want to create a design language like a sci-fi movies, which may have strong visual elements but not always strong storytelling. So, we decided to go with a simple and clean approach, continuing with a single-page landing page.

The Platform

Platform Sitemap

Server wizard

Server overview

Here, you can quickly check the current status of the relevant server and examine Server Activities.



UI Kit