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Kid Tracking


Kidokit is an app that offers game and activity suggestions to support the development of children aged 0-6 in different developmental areas. Offers personalized experience towards each user’s development level, educational programs and educates parents/caregivers.

My role: Product Designer
Platform: iOS, Android
Year: 2021


Making the whole design of the platform and working as a prototype.


Carried out the end-to-end cycle of design iteration from wireframing to prototyping along with competitor analysis.

Wireframe and Prototypes

You can review the wireframe prototype through this link.


✸ Getting started

Firstly, I decided to create a structure that allows to user entering their children’s data first. It is a funnel created to feel compelled to become a member after entering all these informations. If data entry is interrupted, they will be able to continue the app from where they left off at the next app launch.

✸ Daily Plan

The main screen showing activities and games created daily by experts and editors suitable for the children. The parents be able to use this page as a guide of the their child. They can view some tips, videos and the activities that is suitable for their child.

✸ Child Development

The page where we list all the developmental types of a child, where data can be entered manually, and progression development can be followed.

✸ Forum

A user-created knowledge base was created to increase interaction between the other parents.