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Storyly: Moments SDK & Editor

Storyly: Moments SDK & Editor

User Engagement/Retention


Moments by Storyly is the latest community engagement solution for mobile apps, which enables users to create and share full-screen Stories instantly in your app.

My role: Product Designer
Platform: iOS and Android
Year: 2022

Moments by Storyly


Designing generic SDK that allows to apps increasing peer-to-peer social engagement via Photo/Video Camera, and studio experience.

⚠️ I cannot share the entire project as it is under the scope of an NDA.


I was leading the design part of the project entirely. We were working with a dedicated product manager and developers on this project, and we were improving it by gathering feedback and critiques from existing Storyly platform users.



✸ Gallery and Camera

The SDK allows users to choose relevant images/photos via camera and gallery so they can create their own stories. They can also select multiple photos from the gallery.

✸ Adding text to canvas

With the studio in the SDK, users can add text on their images and photos. They can color the text and assign a background to text.

✸ Adding CTA to Canvas

Users can add links to their stories, as well as select links only through the link tree provided by the application. The SDK developer sets the role here.

✸ UI Kit

While designing the SDK, I had to design a UI Kit that worked correctly, as we phased it according to the features.