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SUSH - Virtual Pet

SUSH - Virtual Pet

Social consumer


SUSH is a Tamagotchi-like app designed for Gen Z. With a social and gaming approach, our theme-based platform is tailor-made for Gen Z, offering a dynamic and immersive experience that seamlessly blends nostalgia with contemporary connectivity.

My role: Product Designer, Game Designer
Platform: iOS, Android
Year: 2023


I worked in the fields of product design, game design, and illustrations, focusing on improving the core features of the application and developing new features. These efforts encompass areas such as UI, UX, game design, prototyping, and product analysis.

⚠️ I cannot share the entire project as it is under the scope of an NDA.


It was a small team, but I was closely collaborating with engineering teams and outsourced illustrators.


✸ Chat improvements

The previous version of the chat was quite primitive and had a user experience distinct from popular chat applications. I brought this experience in line with well-known chat applications. These efforts included:

  • User status

  • Error/uploading states

  • Message status (read, sent, etc.)

  • Separation of message bubbles

✸ Stickers

As part of the chat, we also added stickers. Some of the stickers are locked, while others come unlocked. To unlock them, you are expected to complete specific tasks within the game.

✸ Fortune cookie

When you tickle the pet on the main screen with your finger, it gives you extra coins. In addition to these coins, there are sometimes surprise gifts. One of them is the Fortune Cookie. A cookie falls onto your main screen, and when you break it, it greets you with a random and funny note.

✸ Big Money Bag

SUSH, despite being very intelligent, has a somewhat dumb personality. One day, accidentally, he steals a bag and asks for your help. The bag is full of money and earns you 1000 coins. Afterwards, he requests you to buy gifts for him as if nothing happened!